Scrappy quilt 1

Three years ago I started making a scrappy quilt out of 2 1/2 inch blocks - it was fun and I loved working with the bright colours.

Armed with a few squares - I started

I found I could do 1 or 2 blocks during the evening and they didn't take long.

This is one block - there are many ;)

The white with blue flowers is for the sashing and the blue for the border.

I pre-cut the sashing ready to go

Over the years, you will get to know this doorway as it is the easiest place to display the quilts :)

And then, after much difficulty and a little bit of unpicking and a lot of moaning and grumbling I managed to quilt it myself.

I used variegated thread.

Going from corner to corner and ditch stitched along the sashing lines - not a happy time for me doing that - ditch stitching isn't one of my fortes.

..and always one of my favourite sights, seeing the binding rolled read to go :)

And finally the finished quilt :)


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