Tote Bags!

Recently, I started to make bags, little bags, medium bags and big bags. Once I started, I found I really had trouble stopping.

We'll start with the latest one I made. A friend admired my other bags and said she would like one too. So off we went down to the quilt shop - always never a chore going there and we rummaged around the fat quarter boxes and she chose the following colours.

Before the bag is put together you sew it all up like below.

Of course at this stage I hadn't realised that I'd sewn the leaf pattern upside down, it wasn't until AFTER quilting it I found that out. So out came the quick unpick - we are great friends - we have a love/hate relationship.

Anyway, moving on... ta da!

Leaves the right way up here :D

This is the inside, a pocket for a phone and keys. I'm always rummaging around the bottom of my bag looking for these things.

This is a little bag to go with the above bag.

Here you can see the ratio here.

First bag I made. This one is a bit smaller and has long handles.

Using different colours.

A little bag for sewing things

I did say at the beginning that I had trouble stopping...

And finally the last one I've made. The fabric was a Christmas present from  More Than Fields of Wheat
So I made this pretty bag and below you can see inside.

A pocket for that elusive phone.

And finally, I'm done :) - Certainly has been fun making these bags.


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