WIP - An Angel's Story - designed by Anni Downs

I've finally pieced the quilt together and have gone as far as I can go with it until the nice lady with the huge quilting machine can fit my quilt in. This has taken me 2 1/2 years to complete mainly because of all the stitchery that is involved with it.

It certainly has been fun and this is my first large quilt.

I had some fun pegging it to some Christmas card string across our lounge double doorway. I think you can see light shining through a bit.

If you wish to see the photo bigger, just click on the photo and it should open up in your browser at a larger size.


Yllek said…
*squeeeeeeeeeeees* I love it!!! *bounces*
Susan said…
Thank you :)
Leeanne said…
Hi Susan I just found your blog when I did a search for anni Downs Angel story quilt. It has taken me a number of years to get mine finished too, I am in the middle of putting mine together.
Susan said…
Thank you, Leeanne. I love the pastel colours you've used in yours. :) Mine is all quilted and on the bed now, I must take a photo of it soon and post.

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