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...and because I don't have enough to do - lol - please note the sarcasm there. I have another project.

It all started with a friend and I going to a local quilting show in Hamilton and I saw the below pattern and thought ooooh that would be nice for my daughter who loves owls.

A nice little project and a bit of fun to do.


but when my daughter saw that, she goes oooooooh that would be nice as a quilt :D

So yes, I am going to be making this into a single bed size quilt. Fun!
with these gorgeous fabrics
So, while I've been unwell, I've been tracing and cutting out 8 little fat owls for the quilt. No hand sewing for the appliqué on this one, I will be using the trusty sewing machine or she won't get it for ages.


Audrey said…
Owls are incredibly popular at teh moment - they are appearing on everything. And what a lovely subject :)

And yes, gorgeous fabrics, very classy and in excellent taste, I can't wait to see more WIP photos!

...and because I don't have enough to do


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