WIP - An Angel's Story - designed by Anni Downs - up-date

It has been a while since I up-dated. I have managed to get quite a bit done since the last up-date.

Here is one of the smaller blocks
First of all the panels had to be sewn into four different blocks. The panels are separated by 2 inch squares
This is all the blocks sewn together. Sorry about quality of the photo

Now I have to put another row of squares around the whole quilt, then a border. This then should be big enough for our bed.

When the weather clears up a bit here, I will try and take a better photo of the quilt.


Audrey said…
Gosh, it is really taking shape, and I understand it more now.
The 'ickle squares are just too cute.

This is fab, it really is, wow.
Susan said…
the ickle squares are very cute for the first 200 then they lose their novelty after a while there ;)

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