Zippity doo Dah

Between my two lovely friends Kat and Kelly, I received in the mail two charm packs of zippity doo dah fabric designed by Sandy Gervais from Moda.

Using the disappearing 9 patch method as shown here disappearing 9 patch tutorial by p.s. i quilt, I made a gorgeous throw for the winter months. This is the first real quilt I have attempted and thus started my love for patchwork quilting.

I laid out all the squares out. Having 5 light 4 dark, or vice versa

I sewed 9 squares together

Chopped and twisted them around like so

A pile of squares after chopping

Then the fun began - laying them all out and trying to get the right colours in the right places.

Sewed them together - voila!

I had to use one extra square of material as there weren't quite enough from the 2 charm packs, but it worked out well and as you'll see below came together as I used it in the border.
I love the quilting design Dawn used. The flowers and the butterfly suited the design perfectly
 I had so much fun with this. I love piecing the quilt together - working out where the colours go best.


Yllek said…
Pretty Pretty Pretty!! I don't remember seeing the quilting close up before! Even tho I'm sure you showed it to me.

*pets teh pretty* *bounces*
Susan said…
actually, I only took the close up photo the other day. So no, you won't have seen it yet :) And thank you
Audrey said…
You did this? It's FANTASTIC! The colours are just lovely - what a marvellous idea to sew and then cut the sewing and swizzle them round (*I* know what I mean, LOL).

I.. I just .. it's brilliant, the border is very professional and how did you get that pretty flower design on the fabric?

By the way, I thought I would try to identify the foot on my sewing machine.. I googled 'images of sewing machine feet' and I had no idea there were so many! I still don't know what I've got, LOL.
Lovely, hon! I have to do the disappearing nine-patch for my mum's (long-promised) quilt...

Once I finish the Kaleidosceope, of course!
Susan said…
Oh the disappearing nine-patch is so much fun. Not too complicated so was perfect for me as a beginner.
Susan said…
Aud:- the actual quilting (pretty flower and butterfly design) was done by a professional quilter (Dawn)who has this honking great big machine and a pattern she follows and very carefully sews it. Awesome to watch them doing it.

I'm afraid my quilting skills are limited to either straight lines (and then not very straight) and piecing together the coloured bits ;) - not like Kelly's quilt, she actually quilted the squiggly lines herself. She's braver than me.

My current project I will be quilting it myself. Of which, when finished I will show here.

Thank you for your encouraging kind words.

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